November is a month of writing challenges. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of signing on for these challenges. You begin to plan and write with great enthusiasm and then something goes wrong, you lose your mojo and the doubts start to creep in. Or someone else gets a writing gig you’ve been trying hard to get and you feel disheartened. You start to compare yourself to other bloggers and writers and the downward spiral begins.

What is true of writing and blogging is true of life. But writers are more sensitive and process such failures differently. Some of us give up writing and blogging altogether!

Writing And Self-Compassion

Writers, I’m convinced, need to develop self-compassion.

I came across this great exercise, which though applicable to everyone, is something we writers must do: Write a self-compassionate letter. Dr Kristin Neff shows you how to do this here.

It’s a practice that bears repeating. Attempt to do it once a month to reduce self-criticism and self-doubt.

In a soft belly, there is room to live and grow, as our nature allows. Room to let go of the judgment that considers us somehow imperfect, room to send with each softening breath loving kindness into the grateful heart. –Steven Levine



It is time for #MondayMusings and all you have to do is:

  • Write a post sharing your thoughts with us – happy, sad, philosophical, ‘silly’ even. . Make it as personal as possible.
  • Use the hashtag #MondayMusings and link to this post.
  • Add your link to the linky which you will find either here and on the post of a co-host.
  • Use our #MondayMusings badge to help other bloggers join in too.

Join my co-host, Mahathi Ramya of Fantastic Feathers and me for #MondayMusings today. If you’ve written a Diwali post, do link to the linky she has created for Diwali here.


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  1. Liked this quote Corinne!
    Stop criticizing yourselves and start approving.
    This post is also inspiring me to try to write more even when I fail sometimes due to many reasons like lack of time, personal issues, family issues or writers block or even silly grammar/ punctuation mistakes.