We’re on Day 5 of the 7 Days to Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove.

On Day 1 we wrote a list.

On Day 2 we answered a question.

On Day 3 we wrote a review.

On Day 4 we shared links.

7 days to rediscovering your blogging groove


On Day 5 – we follow Darren Rowse’s post

Write A Tip Post

Then write a tip post on your blog. Remember to include a link to this post in your post. 

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Here is the Write Tribe Tip Post


7 Tips to Building A Successful Blog

 7 Tips to Building A Successful Blog

We all know how tough it is to build readership and blog subscribers. If we want our blogs to be popular, it is important to make sure that when the visitors start arriving, they like what they see enough to come back and stick around as loyal readers. How do you do that? Here are 7 tips to get you started and have you well on your way to becoming a pro blogger!

1. Write regularly
Decide on a frequency of posting so that your readers get familiar with your posting schedule. If they know you post every day, they’re likely to visit every day, expecting fresh posts. If you post whenever you like, chances are they’ll miss reading your best post! For those of you who’re blogging daily now, have you noticed how your readership has increased?

2. Be relevant
Most bloggers build their blog around a certain topic. Some have food blogs, some have book review blogs, and some have writing-oriented blogs. If your blog is focused on a particular theme, stick to it. Be relevant. Even if you don’t have a theme, keep your readers engaged by writing interesting posts.

3. Write attention grabbing headlines
Interesting posts aside, your post titles are equally important. After all, it is the title that attracts your reader to check out what your post is all about. Just make sure it relates to the post, or your reader will be annoyed and boycott you! Writing meaningful titles that match your posts will also help you rank better in the search engines.

4. Connect with your readers and reciprocate
Real time interaction is perhaps the biggest benefit of blogging – and conversations are the best part. When you post and your readers comment, reply and keep the conversation going. Connect with those who visit regularly and build your community. And don’t forget to reciprocate. It is all about give and take.

5. Declutter your sidebar
And when you do this, you might want to add your “most popular posts” here. Or just build a list of links to your best posts so your new readers can enjoy them.

6. Make it easy for your readers to browse around
The title says it all. Keep your blog well-organized so your readers can find what they’re looking for. This includes your social media connect buttons, your social sharing buttons, twitter handles, etc. Make it easy to comment. Your readers don’t have to jump through captcha hoops to comment. In short let your readers feel happy to visit you.

7. Don’t neglect your blog
I know life intervenes, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore your blog. If you don’t post for weeks at a time, you will lose readers. And heaven knows there are millions of blogs out there clamouring for your readers’ attention.

There you go. 7 tips to building a successful blog.

Would you like to add to this list?



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