Welcome September! And welcome to another month of the Write Tribe Pro Bloggers Challenge.

Congratulations, if you successfully completed the challenge last month! And congratulations even if you didn’t. I’m sure you tried your darnedest. If you gave up midway, don’t worry, it’s a new month and another chance at a fresh start!

Here’s what some of our Pro Bloggers said about the August Challenge:

“I started off enthusiastically and tried my best to keep up. I slowed down towards the end of the month as I had to focus on work deadlines, but feel very inspired about the others who are posting regularly. This month, I plan to post everyday on all my three blogs!. I just love the idea” ~ Vidya Sury. Read her post: The 12 Most Powerful Life Choices I Ever Made.

August has been an emotionally and physically exhausting month for me. Hence, I needed to write, write and write some more. This is where Write Tribe’s Pro Blogger Challenge stepped in and trust me when I say it really helped me sail through. It helped me smile during really tough times. Cathartic is the right word for what I feel about the challenge and this wonderful Tribe. ~ Nabanita Dhar. Read her post: I’m Blank Because….

When I decided to sign up and become a Pro Blogger, I didn’t anticipate how much fun it would be. Writing daily has made me a happy person.I look forward to that time of the day, every day, when I can sit and weave my thoughts into words. ~ Shailaja Vishwanath. Read her post: Black Ink #FlashFiction.

The idea of Pro Blogger challenge was exciting and the mere prospect of grabbing the badge kept me going. I’ve learned to be disciplined, to find fun, read all the pro-bloggers on weekends and set a routine. Happy that my blog is taking baby steps and is flourishing.~ Shalini Nair. Read her post: Happy Birthday, Madras.

This has been an awesome, though sometimes daunting experience for me. I truly never believed I could continue blogging for a month – two months in my case – continuously without dropping a single day! All the prompts and comments of fellow bloggers does the trick and sometimes you feel like just writing. I am signing up again for September and as I wrote last time ‘taking the challenge up only to fly higher’ – Tina Basu. Read her post: Am I Doing It Right?
welcome september

Sign up here for the Write Tribe Pro Blogger September 2014 Challenge. Renew your faith in yourself. Give yourself a chance to grow your blog and make new connections.

The form will be open until 5 September 2014, so do think about it.

If you’re in, do add this lovely badge to your sidebar – it makes it easier for people to identify if you’re taking part.

Write Tribe

If you’re wondering what you’re going to write about over 30 days, re-visit some of the ideas we shared last month and stay tuned for more ideas:

 How To Break Out Of A Creative Rut

Write, Write, Write


Now start writing and linking. Visit at least two blogs linked before yours. Have an awesome, creative September!


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