Week 2 of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge has begun.

Congratulations to all those blogging away enthusiastically! It has been a pleasant week with over 132 posts linking up in the first week!

How did the first week go for you?
Any stumbling blocks? How did you overcome them?
Any tips to share we can all benefit from?

Here are some notable blogs I came across during this challenge – do check them out:

Carol Cassara

Preeti of Fuchsia Outbursts


Tina at the Sunny Side of Life


…here are some prompts – use them as you wish.

  1. Describe a turning point in your life
  2. Who/What inspires you? and How. (people, books, family… whatever)
  3. Something humorous – a funny incident that still makes you laugh
  4. A book review
  5. Five blogs you discovered recently and loved
  6. Ten random things about you
  7. Invite a fellow blogger to guest post for you

Ultimate Blogging Challenge

And by the way, do feel free to use the Write Tribe prompts in your UBC posts!

Please add this week’s links – July 6 to 12, 2014 for the Ultimate Blogging Challenge here – don’t forget to indicate which day’s post. All you have to do is add “UBC Day #” when you add your name to the linky. For example: “Vidya Sury UBC Day 6”

Happy blogging!
Visit each other, comment and share!

Published by Vidya Sury

Vidya Sury is a happy work-at-home Mom,writer, editor and business blogger, and social media explorer who takes one day at a time. She enjoys sharing what she learns and showing her diabetes who's boss!. She loves coffee, books, music, cooking, DIY, people and life. Her hobbies are collecting smiles and inspiring happiness. She thrives on information overload. She blogs at Vidya Sury, Coffee With Mi and Your Medical Guide and tweets as @vidyasury

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  6. Thank you Vidya. I was pleasantly surprised seeing my name out there and glad that you liked my posts. Your encouragement means a lot to a novice like me. Thank you once again.