Exciting October Blogging Challenges

So you are already a Write Tribe Pro Blogger and have successfully cultivated the habit of blogging daily, right? (If not, why not? Think about it). If you are guilty about committing to blog daily but slipped up once in a while, you are definitely not alone. Life is full of second chances, at least […]

Do You Want to Write Amazing Blog Posts? (And the Wednesday Prompt)

No, don’t answer that. Because, seriously, who’d answer NO to that question? So what makes an amazing blog post? The content, naturally. There are few things that make a blogger happier than publishing a fantastic post that her readers enjoy, comment on and share with everyone in their community. Of course, a great blog post […]

Writing A Nonet Poem

  A Nonet refers to a group of nine. In music, a nonet refers to a composition that requires nine musicians for a performance and in poetry it refers to a composition which comprises of nine lines. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yes it is. But what tests your poetic calibre yet again is the ‘syllable […]