A while ago, on the Write Tribe Whatsapp group, we had a discussion on the various picture editing apps and software that we use to create stunning graphics for our blog posts and social media. There are a number of software available to resize, edit and create images, but most of us are stuck with the basic few. So, here’s a compilation of all our favorite Image editing tools for social media.

Write Tribe's Favorite Image Editing Tools for Social Media

Image Editing Tools for Social Media

While I swore by Canva and Pic Monkey, Anamika said that her go-to app has been Pixlr. It helps her in editing the images as well as adding text. Canva is a popular tool used by many bloggers including Corinne, Zainab, Lata, Damyanti, Shinjini, and Suja. This is because of the ease with which the software can be used and the many templates that are made available for free. Additionally, Suja reminded us to make use of the dimension customization function. This would help in creating images that would fit your blog layout.

Suja also recommends Picsart, another popular tool among bloggers and Instagrammers. With different editing options and the availability of cliparts, stickers, cloning, and collages, Picsart is a definite winner.

Textgram lets you create pretty graffiti using text and images and is used by Dipika and Vinitha. Notegraphy is another tool that helps in creating stylized snippets of text. Parul loves landscapes and Snapseed seems to work for her. This tool has creative text templates and also lets you do basic editing. It gives you many presets and effects that can transform your photographs. If you are looking to protect your photographs, Parul suggests a watermarking tool- Marksta. You can add a text or logo to your picture before posting it on social media channels.

Along with Canva and Picmonkey, Lata suggests Pixteller which helps in designing covers for your blog and social media and also has templates for flyers and invitations.

Shinjini is app savvy, to say the least. She does a lot of image editing on her I-phone and uses many apps. “For blogging, my go-to’s are Over & Rhonna, They’re iPhone apps. I also love Canva and Photoshop. I love VSCO. It’s got some lovely filters and the editor is quite good too”, Shinjini adds. Did you know that adding VSCO hashtags (eg: #VSCO, #VSCOCam) are a great way to create community and expand your audience?

Damyanti also prefers MOLDIV and Photogene⁴, along with Canva and VSCO. “If you are ready to shell out a few bucks, Word Swag is a good investment”, says Corinne. “This software links directly to Pixabay and thus helps in finding free stock images. Pablo by Buffer is a good tool as well. I love how it can resize images for social media without much work. It’s my go-to in a hurry”, she adds.

Holly swears by the tool 1000+ Shape photo collage. She also suggests Paintshop Pro (Corel) which is much cheaper and almost as full-featured but easier than Photoshop. Photo and Picture Resizer are other apps you can try on an Android phone.

So, that’s it! Take a look at these Image Editing Tools, give it a try and let us know which ones you love the most. If you can add anything new to the list, leave a comment below.



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  1. I seem to be a late Latif but this was a very informative post. How about snappa? I find that really cool ! But you still haven’t mentioned HOW to use these apps. They aren’t all that easy or intuitive .

  2. This is priceless information. I generally stick with one or two tools, rather than experimenting with new ones. I used to love PicMonkey but have recently discovered Canva. And I’m pretty thrilled with it. But now I want to try out Pixteller and Pixlr.

  3. Snapseed is my current favorite. It has so many options and editing features. I use canva mostly for creativity pins I used picmonkey until it was free. Nice to read about different options from other wonderful bloggers.

  4. This is such a helpful post Shalini. I am not very tech savvy and trying to learn a lot. I am bookmarking this post for future reference. Thank you so much for this post.

  5. What an exhaustive list and like you said, Shalini we have our favorites but always good to explore options.
    Also, I can’t seem to remember when we chatted about this topic ;)Typical me and my memory. 😀
    Thanks for compiling this. Always helps!

  6. Wow what a well compiled lists with great reccos from users. I think thats what made this list so credible for me. Thanks for this treasure trove of info – I have been meaning to look at some interesting apps for editing since long!

  7. Despite using photos extensively on my blog, I rarely edit (except for cropping) but if I do, I use the free version of Photoshop for iPhone. I was interested in seeing the recommended apps. I do have Snapseed on my phone, but have rarely used because I haven’t had the time to learn it. I may try to do so now.

  8. I normally go with Mac in-built image editing tool…that works very well for the kind of editing I have to do. Still, I try to not edit my pictures – nature should be enjoyed in raw

    Good to get a few inputs here.

  9. Thank you Shalini for crediting me in the opening lines 🙂 I recall this chat on WhatsApp happened a long time ago and since then I have become a regular user of Canva although Pixlr is still there in my phone. I have been wanting to try watermarking my photos and will now try Marksta. This compilation post has come as a blessing.

  10. For men its always Canva and Pixlr. Thanks to Kala who introduced me to the world of these two. I love the ease with which I can edit and make images look good. For a person like me who is seldom tech savvy, these two tools are indeed a boon.