What is guest posting? Writing a blog post and having it published on someone else’s blog.

Guest posting is a great way to for the guest to reach a new audience and possibly gain some new readers to her blog. Also, it’s a good way to build backlinks via your bio on the post.

For the host, it’s a good way to give his audience a fresh perspective and also to get some new readers since the guest is likely direct her audience to the post. Getting someone to guest post on your blog during vacation or when  you’re facing a blogger’s block keeps your blog active and fresh.

Guest posting has been around for a while now. You’ll find plenty of posts out there about how to get yourself a guest post on the top blogging websites. You’ll find books on the subject and even a website – Jon Morrow’s Guest Blogging.  This post is a simple list of ‘do’s and don’ts’ for the guest and the host.


Guest Post Etiquette

For the host:

  1. Create a set of simple guidelines that you can share with your guest. This let’s them know what they should or shouldn’t include in the post. For example, if you’re expecting your guest to provide an image, let them have the exact dimensions, etc
  2. Make sure you thank the guest for the post and also give them honest feedback, if you think some parts need an edit.
  3. Format the post and include good graphics.
  4. Include a short paragraph about your guest – make it as personal as possible. This will be in addition to a short bio and a profile picture of the guest.
  5. As soon as the post is up, email the guest the link.
  6. Promote the post on social media, tagging the guest as far as possible.
  7.  Keep an eye on the comments. Moderate them. Let the guest know when new comments come in.

For the guest:

  1. Make sure you understand the host’s guidelines and ask questions if you have any doubts.
  2. Write a quality post – one that you’d be happy to showcase on your own blog.
  3. Include internal links (links from the host’s blog that are relevant). Don’t add links to your blog. I once had a guest who sent me about 15 links to his blog! It was embarrasing not to include them, but they put me off him for life! 😛
  4. If you’ve agreed to send in an image, make sure it’s a shareable one.
  5. Stick to the agreed deadline to send in the post.
  6. Send in a brief bio with your website URL and other social media links.
  7. Promote the post on social media.
  8. Make sure you are around to respond to comments.

Guest posting helps to build community and I’d encourage you to be both a guest and a host soon.

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Friday Reflections

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Our featured blogger from last week is Sanch  with her post I Miss You in response to the prompt : Who do you miss?

Write Tribe

Prompts for this week

1. S/He is the wind beneath my wings.
2. If you could run away, where would you go?
3. Five people you would take if you were stranded on a deserted island
4. “Sometimes we just have to let things go” – Use this as an inspiration for your post or within your post
5. Picture Prompt (Copyright : http://everydaygyaan.com)

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  1. Thanks Corinne! As usual you have put things down so clearly. As you know I have reached out to many bloggers and have requested for posts but didn’t quite understand why they needed guidelines simply because all of them are such experienced and competent writers and bloggers. But I now understand that everyone wants to have some idea of what the host’s expectations are and will keep this in mind the next time I ask for guest posts.

  2. Hi Corrinne, that’s really useful information. I teach women in business how to blog in Perth and run a Facebook group for my graduates. I’ll share your post there as I’m sure it will clarify some anxieties around guest posting. #FridayReflections

  3. Thanks Corinne for the post. Looks like I’ve been doing everything correctly which is good to know from a guest post point of view. I think having someone write something for your blog also mixes it up for the readers. #FridayReflections

  4. I liked these Corinne – some blogs make so many rules for their guest writers that you wonder why anyone would bother! It’s really about sharing the love isn’t it and helping each other out x

  5. I have written guest posts but never had on my blog and not sure why. I should try and get more comfortable with the idea. Someday 🙂
    Great pointers, Corinne. Etiquettes are a must even on online communication.

    1. I had posted as a guest too on many occasions but never had someone to write for me. I would like that experience too but I am not sure how. Looking forward though