Do you consider yourself a grammar nerd or a Grammar Nazi?

Funnily enough, for someone who taught English and trained scores of people, I am not part of the grammar police. While I’m all for grammatically correct sentences, I’m more concerned about getting the message across. In my opinion, language and communication go beyond good grammar.

But if you are a grammar nerd – I’ll still love you! I promise! In fact, I’ll go a step further and give you links to some grammar nerds on Twitter. I’m nice that way!

Grammar Nerds Unite

How can I not suggest Grammarly – The World’s Best Grammar Checker first? I’ve been using it for the last two weeks and am so thrilled with it.  You can follow them @Grammarly

Here’s a fabulous checklist for grammar nerds via Grammarly.

grammar nerds unite

@BuzzFeed Style Guide

@AP StyleBook

@Grammar Monkeys

Mignon Fogarty aka @Grammar Girl

There are plenty more people you can follow to keep your grammar in check! @WriteTribe is a good one to follow too! 😉


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