A warm group hug to all those who are in Day-7 of the 7-day Write Tribe Festival of Words #4.

I’ll bet you’re all waiting for the linky to go up, right? Well, here it is, at the end of the post.

It is exciting to see so many posts aligning with the prompts and suggestions offered in each day’s post here on Write Tribe.

To recap quickly, we announced the theme of the Write Tribe Festival of Words #4: Creativity and Inspiration

On Day 1 we raised the question “can you learn to be creative?”

On Day 2 we discussed how fear can block creativity and how you can overcome it.

On Day 3 we talked about how mindfulness can inspire creativity with how-to tips.

On Day 4 we offered the ultimate list of blog post ideas to keep you going for a long long time.

Day 5 was about learning new words and their meanings – after all, knowledge is power

On Day 6 we brought Inspirational quotes from one of the greatest books of all time:  Writing Down the Bones – I wonder how many of you have read it? Lots of excerpts available online.

Today is Day 7!

I confess I haven’t kept up with my own posts and I am not worried about it – and neither should you be. Sometimes, life does take priority. What’s important is the willingness to catch up, the motivation to write and interact with others.

I thought, for Day 7, it might be a good idea to write a recipe post. No, not necessarily related to food, although that’s certainly acceptable. It could be a recipe for anything – success, happiness, your favorite dish and how you first learned to make it, how you dealt with a particularly tough situation and what you learned from it…. you get the drift?

Reflect back on a time when you did something for the first time – what would you change about your response to the situation? What was the reaction of those close to you? Were you inspired by anyone’s encouragement at the time? Did it make you explore ways to take it forward? Can you think of a better way to do it today? If you had to teach someone to do it, how would you go about it?

As I said, it can be food, or it can be something else. Share your “recipe” in your post for Day 7. Or just be a maverick and write about whatever you want.


What next? I’d love to know, too! Chime in with your ideas and we’ll take it further. It is all about connecting, writing and motivating each other.

Come, link day 7’s posts here. Visit, comment and share.

Thank you for participating! ♥

Keep writing!

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Vidya Sury is a happy work-at-home Mom,writer, editor and business blogger, and social media explorer who takes one day at a time. She enjoys sharing what she learns and showing her diabetes who's boss!. She loves coffee, books, music, cooking, DIY, people and life. Her hobbies are collecting smiles and inspiring happiness. She thrives on information overload. She blogs at Vidya Sury, Coffee With Mi and Your Medical Guide and tweets as @vidyasury

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