Mindful Writing: The Best Antidote for Writer’s Block

Writer’s block. Every writer has encountered this devil more than once in their lives. Sometimes the ideas just keeping flowing and you have to write them down stat before they are completely gone. And then there are times when you try so hard to squeeze the last of your creative juices and nothing—NOTHING comes out. […]

Quotes for the Struggling Writer and Lessons They Teach #writebravely

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. That’s a famous quote from Zig Ziglar. How apt for the struggling writer or artist, right? How fitting for us who strive to be better with our craft but is always bombarded by distractions, trials, and challenges […]

How Does Nature Inspire Creative Writing? #writebravely #WriteTribeProBlogger

We know that inspiration can be found virtually everywhere! It could be from books, music, movies, writing prompts, an overheard conversations or even from the most unlikely sources. Every writer needs to find inspiration in order to bring out their very best. Does nature fill you with the desire to write? If so, how? Let’s […]