The Right Way To Be Proud Of Your Book | Don’t Write a Crappy Book

Today I’m happy to host James Ranson, author of ‘Don’t Write A Crappy Book’. The Right Way To Be Proud Of Your Book One of biggest mistakes authors make that lead to writing crappy books is not writing a book they’re really, really proud of. This may seem counter intuitive, because anyone who writes a […]

How to Make Learning a Lifelong Habit: Be An Eternal Student #WritingWednesdays

Just because you left school does not mean you have to stop learning. Learning should not be limited to knowing the necessary dates and terms in school to pass an exam. Learning should be a part of life and not just a school requirement. How to make learning a lifelong habit? It is not that […]

Quotes for the Struggling Writer and Lessons They Teach #writebravely

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. That’s a famous quote from Zig Ziglar. How apt for the struggling writer or artist, right? How fitting for us who strive to be better with our craft but is always bombarded by distractions, trials, and challenges […]

Why, When and How to use Quotes in your Blog Posts

Quotes and images are some powerful tools for a blogger. There are many benefits of using Images on our blog posts. While words are enough to convey your idea, tools like these help in grabbing the reader’s attention. It can lift the quality of your posts and also add more depth to your writes. That […]

Where Do You Draw Your Writing Inspiration From? #WritingWednesdays

You sit down to a blank computer screen or a pen and paper to write a blog post or whatever that you do, where do you draw your writing inspiration from? Where do you start? We know that content and consistency are the king and queen of blogging. But how do you please your readers […]

Real Artists Dont Starve #WritingWednesdays

Today I want to tell you about Jeff Goins’ new book, Real Artists Don’t Starve. It’s not available in stores yet, but many people have already pre-ordered the book. And because they acted quickly, they have gotten access to the amazing bonuses that Jeff is offering to everyone who gets the book before the June 6 […]