Book sleeves. I confess I hadn’t heard of them until recently. Not until I saw book sleeves from Reading Owl Creations! And I knew I had to own some and even better share them with you.

Why use Book Sleeves?

If you are a true book lover, your books are a precious possession. No book lover wants their book to be bent or crushed. If you, like me, always have a book in your book, book sleeves will protect your book covers and pages when you are carting them around! Apart from that, they’re part of the book lover swag that we’d love to collect.

Book Sleeves from Reading Owl Creations

When Neha Garg, one of the founders of Reading Owl Creations, who is an active participant of the Write Tribe Reading Challenge 2019, started to share her reviews on Instagram and those book sleeves really caught my eye!

I pinged Neha to ask her the story behind the Reading Owl Creations and decided that Write Tribe would offer its readers a book sleeve giveaway.

Talking to Neha about Reading Owl Creations

Let’s start with the name first. Why are you called the Reading Owl

Reading Owl Creations! Let’s start with the name first. What would you call a person who can sleep all day and then stay up all night, reading? Reading Owl is the name my husband gave me because I fit the description. And thus the name, Reading Owl Creations.

Why book sleeves?

I started this venture with my mom. The reason? I was smitten by the idea of owning a book sleeve. I couldn’t get the ones I saw all over my social media because most of them were from creators abroad and international shipping is crazy. It was then that I asked my mom to try and make one for me. It turned out really good, if not the best.

Even though my desire for a book sleeve was fulfilled(I also bought multiples through various makers in India), I knew this experiment could lead to something else.

Tell us about your Mom.

My mom is a homemaker. She got married at 21 and had me, her first baby girl at 22. Her life has always revolved around us and my father. So when my two siblings and I moved to different cities for job and studies, there was a vacuum she found hard to fill.

The realization came late to us but when it did, we tried to engage her with pets and phone calls. It was obviously not enough. And so I pushed her to keep trying and improve upon her sleeve experiment. It took time but it worked. She is happily devoted to our small shop and gives her best even when her health demands otherwise.

How do you both make this work?

It isn’t easy. Not only it needs a lot of time and effort, which sometimes gets difficult with my full-time job, but there are other challenges. My mom and I live in different cities and it’s sometimes difficult to coordinate.

Raw materials are not easily available in the small city I am from. We make all sleeves to orders as per the requirements of the customer. It gets messy at times and unmanageable with all the different size details and stuff.

So is this worth the time and effort?

Oh yes! It’s fulfilling. When someone appreciates my mom’s work, my heart swells with love and pride. What started as a hobby has taken off well, thanks to the supportive bookstagram community and my mom’s attention to details and perfection. We aim to provide what people want in the format they want. We keep trying to improve and to add other handmade items to the shop like candles, tote bags, cushion covers etc and to expand our horizon.

  • Book Sleeves from Reading Owl Creations
  • Book Sleeves from Reading Owl Creations
  • Book Sleeves from Reading Owl Creations
  • Book Sleeves from Reading Owl Creations

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The Write Tribe Reading Owl Creations’ Book Sleeve Giveaway – Only for readers in India

We would like to give away two book sleeves to a random winner .

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  1. I love her sleeves …. already a customer and lover of her sleeves .. just today I got her sleeve and I am adoring that sleeve even in my sleep too ….

  2. These are beautiful and I wonder why I hadn’t heard of them before. I can imagine the effort it takes and the customization too. Thank you for sharing, Corinne. I would not have known about Neha’s and her Mum’s venture otherwise. Good luck to them!

  3. Best way to pamper your books is to get them a huggable booksleeve totally in love with what I got from readingowlcreations

  4. I haven’t used a book sleeve but I think it’s a great idea and will definitely check out Reading Owl. I’m happy to hear Neha encouraged her Mom by getting her to make these book sleeves. It’s so hard for women whose entire life has revolved around their kids to know what to do when they grow up. Lovely story Corinne

  5. Which world was I living that I didn’t know about book sleeves? These are gorgeous and it is impossible to choose just one. Thank you for introducing these to me <3 Participated and now fingers crossed 🙂

  6. I really like BookSleeves and also have a couple of them .. But wen I got to know about readingowlcreations I always wanted to buy something from them .. Because I always buy something if I get to know about people who’ve created their own brand in unique creative fields .. So really intrigued by this ..

  7. the idea, the designs, the quality speaks about all the hard-work they have put in to make this work and i am really proud of my mother and sister for this. working on something this big in this age is a huge win for my mother and an inspiration for all.

  8. I love all the book sleeves made by readingowlcreations. But my favorite ones are the Ketterdam map, dum maaro dum print and the fur book sleeves

  9. Interesting. First time am hearing of book sleeves.. all the best to the venture, hope more book lovers buy it from you

      1. Best way to pamper your books is to get them a huggable booksleeve totally in love with what I got from readingowlcreations