Blogging mistakes. We’ve all made them in our early days. Some of us continue to make them even today. It’s not for a lack of information available. It’s just that sometimes we get lazy and other times, we don’t really give our blogs the kind of focus they deserve.

There are plenty of quality posts out there listing the blogging mistakes to avoid. I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. For our #MondayMusings post today, I’m creating a list of posts that you might find useful.
Blogging Mistakes To Avoid
IBlogmagazine’s post 5 Common Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them is what set off this post. I found these two points pertinent a. Going it alone and b. Not including a call-to-action in posts.

The Social Media Examiner writers answered a the question “What’s the single biggest mistake bloggers make and why?”. Check out their answers which include a. The mistake of writing for yourself and not your audience and b. Inconsistency. All this in the post 21 Dangerous Blogging Mistakes (and How to Fix Them).

Hubspot offers some great advice aimed at new bloggers, but which can hold good for us all in their post 8 Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make (And How to Avoid Them). I especially liked the point  ‘Your content borders on plagiarism’.

Smart Insights has a useful post too. How to fix 7 common blogging mistakes includes advice to a. Use images and b. Promote on social media.

Of course, no list on blogging advice would be complete without a link from Copyblogger, would it? Their post 11 Common Blogging Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Audience’s Time is priceless. I was particularly struck by a. You write purely for SEO and b. You don’t write in plain English.

Do you have a piece of blogging advice to offer? Something that most bloggers don’t realize? Add your advice in the comments or use the contact form to send it to me. I might turn the comments into a blog post with a link back to you all.


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Today’s linky can be found here and on Everyday Gyaan. My co-host today is Sacha Blessed of Visualize Authenticity.

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