Seriously, this is going to be a quick post today because I promised Corinne I’d take care of the Wednesday Prompt. But what with me taking forever to tackle my to-do list, I am a bit late. Still, I’ll pretend I don’t live in India right now so that I am still on the right side of Wednesday!

If you’re wondering what delayed this post – I had a work deadline to meet. I had to cook for tomorrow, as I am off on a picnic with the family. Yes! I’ll be taking loads of pictures as usual and I am really looking forward to the day off.

Okay, I am not going to ramble. Instead, what I have for you is this great little daily blogging checklist from the SITS girls that can help you stay organized as you grow your blog and manage your time better. Who isn’t strapped for time these days? And who doesn’t get stuck with Blogger’s Block? You can overcome all these obstacles with this cool checklist without feeling the overwhelm. Here you go then:

blogging checklist

Did you find that useful? Do you have questions about the checklist? Tell me in the comments and we’ll tackle it together!

Now, for the Wednesday Prompt!

Since I am in the holiday mood and can’t think about anything else, here’s the prompt I came up with:

Choose two photos you treasure, and write a poem, a post about it. Talk about the memories that surround it. And don’t forget to show us the photos in your post! It can be any two photos you cherish, not necessarily something you clicked.

After you write your post, add your post link to the linky below.

Looking forward to reading your posts, I am signing off now!

P.S.: If you don’t see the linky below, don’t panic. Corinne has connectivity issues. For a change, why not add your link via a comment to this post? Thanks! And don’t forget to share this post!

PPS: The linky has since been added! Please add your links. 🙂

Wednesday Prompt 2014 #19

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  1. Vidya, have a wonderful picnic and expecting a bouquet of pics. and thanks for the wonderful prompt.There are so many photos that I treasure that its a bit difficult to narrow down to two.