Write Scannable Posts #BlogBetterMondays

There’s so much content out there. Social media, blogs, forums have added a lot more options, besides the existing medium of print, radio and television, to get your message out. It’s important then to make your posts easy to read to get readers to engage, share and buy your products or services. I’ve been doing […]

Book Sleeves from Reading Owl Creations #Giveaway

Book sleeves. I confess I hadn’t heard of them until recently. Not until I saw book sleeves from Reading Owl Creations! And I knew I had to own some and even better share them with you. Why use Book Sleeves? If you are a true book lover, your books are a precious possession. No book […]

The 3 Cs Of A Blogging Challenge #BlogBetterMondays

With the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge starting today, I thought it was a good time to talk about the 3 Cs of a Blogging Challenge. These are things that I’ve learned from completing (and sometimes not completing!) a few blogging challenges. The 3 Cs Of A Blogging Challenge There are various reasons […]

Tips to Pick the Best Keyword for Your Blog Posts #BlogBetterMondays

Picking the best keyword for your blog posts may seem like a tedious and sometimes confusing process. It’s not easy to determine what keywords will rank best with search engines or what specific keywords suit your blog post the best. Today I’m going to share a few tips to help you pick the best keyword […]