When you’re 50 years old, as I am, time seems to move much faster than it did when you’re younger. It seems like jus the other day we were welcoming the New Year, and before you know it April will soon be here.

For many bloggers around the world, the month of April is now synonymous with the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge. Each year, the challenge, now in its seventh year, seems to get more and more participants and the excitment starts building up as soon as the sign up list is open.

Have you too been caught up in excitment of this challenge and signed up for it? If this is your first time, you must be wondering how to approach it. You’ll find plenty of ideas and resources on the Blogging From A to Z website.


advice for blogging from a to z challenge

Advice For the Blogging From A To Z Challenge

We decided that the best way to answer the questions you might have is to take advice from a few bloggers who’ve undertaken the challenge at least once.

My thanks to all the bloggers who shared here. You’ll find that some of these bloggers are old hands at this and are doing this for the fourth time now! If you click on the links to their blogs, you’ll be taken to their favourite post.

Parul Thakur of Happiness and Food – Once

Pick a theme, plan your topics and schedule your posts, you can ace the challenge.

Bhavya of  Ishithaa  – Twice

Preplan your theme.

BellyBytes  of Mumbai On A High – Once

Last year I decided to wing it and found that it was harder than if I had chosen a theme. So I would advise anyone participating for the first time to actually pick a topic, plan your posts, comment a lot, reply to comments- that’s more than one piece of advice isn’t it? Sorry for being verbose. 😉

Geetika Gupta  of Boisterous Bee  –  Once

Take it easy. It isn’t that tough as it looks. Just write smaller posts and everything will turn out fine.

Suzy  of Someday Somewhere – Thrice

Keep your posts short

Alana of  Ramblin’ With AM –  Once

Prewrite as much as possible so you can spend your time visiting and interacting with other participants.

Rajlakshmi  of Destiny’s Child – Twice

I feel scheduling the posts in advance, even a couple of days before, helps a lot as you will be free to visit other blogs. Having a theme is good, but if not, then create drafts with just the letter as title and write as you go. This is an excellent medium to discover amazing blogs and bloggers.

Shalini  of Tale of Two Tomatoes – Twice
Oh, please schedule your posts in advance. This would help in responding to the comments you recieve on your posts and also read others. A to Z is all about networking. If I may add, write short posts – probably of 300-500 words. Every blogger is in a hurry and nobody would want to read a long post.

Richa Singh  of The Philosphers Stone – Once

Ensure there is a unique element in your post layout which serves as a reminder to all your readers even when they are not reading you. Repeat-ability makes brands.

Aditi  of Aditi’s Pen – Once

Being a one time participant, I am as much as a newbie as you. But the only advice I can give is, don’t stress. Enjoy the challenge. It becomes easier to connect with other participants, if you have scheduled your posts. But even if you haven’t, take some time out only for reading and sharing posts of new bloggers. I believe this is the main challenge and this is what will help you in the long run – connecting and networking with new bloggers.

Lata Sunil  of  Hot Cup of Kaapi –  Once

Planning and scheduling posts in advance is important.

Archana of Yen For Blue – Thrice

Follow a theme and schedule posts.

Sarah Zama  of The Old Shelter  – Once

Pre-schedule like your life depends on it. If you start the challenge with all your posts done, it will a lot more fun: you’ll be able to network a lot more and meet new people.

Modern GypsyModern Gypsy  – Once

Pre-schedule your posts for the entire month! Try to keep up with commenting everyday. Keep Sunday for administrative tasks on your blog. Have fun!

Mahathi Ramya of Fantastic Feathers – Once

Sometimes, it’s difficult to post everyday. Especially if you are moody or busy with many other things. I prefer to schedule my posts to lessen the burden or pressure of posting on time.

Tina of  The Sunny Side of Life – Once

Don’t stress, plan and schedule.

Mithila Menezes  of Fabulus and The Blue Life – Once

Use a theme.

Debbie D of  The Doglady’s Den – Twice

Get as many of your posts written and scheduled ahead of time as possible.

Shilpa Garg of  A rose is a rose is a rose – Thrice

Have a theme. It will help give you and your writing a direction and also for readers to remember and connect with you in this big mega event. And also plan and schedule ahead of  D-Day!


Some additional advice from us:

  1. Attempt to find a group of bloggers and stick with them through the challenge. This helps with continuity and helps you keep focused. The bonus is that you’ll have a regular group commenting on your blog.  I’ve written about the experience of a group in my Reflections post on the Blogging From A to Z website.
  2. Sign up for the theme reveal – if you haven’t already. This is a chance not only for you to commit yourself and prepare your readers for the challenge, but you also get to interact with many bloggers and see the variety of themes that are on display. This year, the theme reveal is on March 21.
  3. Get your blog A to Z ready by checking that
  • You have an easy commenting system. If possible, kill CAPTCHA.
  • Your social media buttons are prominently displayed, should people want to follow you.
  • You have a variety of ways for people to sign up for your blog updates – by email, Bloglovin, etc.
  • That your sharing buttons are in place and that your Twitter share button includes your twitter id. This helps you to know who your cheerleaders are.

If there are any questions you have, or advice you’d like to give, do ask or tell by commenting below.

Enjoy April and the Blogging From A to Z Challenge.


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  1. Thanks Corinne! What a pity we will miss your posts….This write up is a good way for me to bookmark all those bloggers whose posts I will read during this challenge….

  2. Thank you for publishing all these suggestions (including mine). I am going to use one of these right now. I hope that everyone in our tribe has a wonderful time interacting and blogging.

  3. Thanks for the timely tips, Corinne, as I’m already getting the jitters and wondering how am I ever going to get even one post out on Day One… forget the rest! Gearing up for D-Day, part nervous and part excited, with the hope that I’ll somehow crack it 🙂

  4. Feels so good reading the post, Corinne. Thanks very much. There are so many tips mentioned by bloggers and also the additional tips are valuable. This post is a treasure and should be read by all the bloggers who are participating in this challenge- newbies and veterans included.

  5. Thank you for getting this post out Corinne. Such great tips from bloggers and all of these – tried and tested. 🙂
    It’s a fun challenge and while one is at it – make the most of it.