Introducing Friday Reflections #FridayReflections

Today we introduce Friday Reflections! Sanch of Living My Imperfect Life and Write Tribe  will be hosting this weekly link up together.  The creators of this,  Janine and Mac have been successfully doing this feature for a year now. They have very generously passed on their proud baby to us and we are grateful. If […]

12 Simple Ways To Make Your Words Count #FridayReflections

Recently I read a piece that compared a good writer to a sculptor. A sculptor cuts away what’s useless to make her piece more expressive. So it should be with good writing. You need to cut away the useless stuff to make your words count. In writing, as in all art, ‘less is more’. Let’s […]

Writing From The Senses #FridayReflections

It’s been a while since we did a book review here, so I thought I’d share with you about a book I just finished reading – Writing from the Senses. This book fits in with some of the recent posts we been doing on observation and mindfulness. Book Details Writing from the Senses 60 Exercises […]

What Have You Learned From Blogging? #FridayReflections

Looking at our prompts today, I was tempted to pick the first one and share what I’ve learned from blogging here. Then I thought, I’d rather share my thoughts on Everyday Gyaan and leave you with extracts from how  well-known bloggers have answered this question. What Have You Learned From Blogging? Michael Hyatt :’ What […]