I’m sorry to say, that as the number of books being published has increased, the amount of unedited or badly edited material on offer has gone up. As much as I look at the content and the imagination of the writer, poor grammar and misspellings do spoil the reading experience.

If you are proud of Β the content you put out, you’d be concerned about spelling words correctly. Oh yes, there is auto-correct, but I’m sure you’ve found out that it doesn’t always do the job.

48 Commonly Misspelled Words

How Stuff Works came out with a list of 48 Commonly Misspelled Words. Β Do you find some of your ‘favourites’ featured here? πŸ˜‰


1. accommodate
2. a lot
3. arctic
4. calendar
5. cemetery
6. conscience
7. conscious
8. definitely
9. embarrass
10. existence
11. foreign
12. gauge
13. grammar
14. guarantee
15. harass
16. height
17. independent
18. inoculate
19. its/it’s
20. liaison
21. license
22. maintenance
23. millennium
24. minuscule
25. mischievous
26. misspell
27. noticeable
28. occurrence
29. perseverance
30. playwright
31. possession
32. preceding
33. prejudice
34. principle/principal
35. privilege
36. pronunciation
37. questionnaire
38. receipt
39. recommend
40. rhythm
41. separate
42. sergeant
43. stationary/stationery
44. supersede
45. their/there/they’re
46. twelfth
47. until
48. vague




We in the last week of the Ultimate Blog Challenge! Do tell us how your experience has been? Are you planning to continue to blog daily? Remember, Vidya Sury told you the benefits of that here.

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  9. I cringe whenever I see an obvious spelling mistake. But it still exists πŸ™‚ Reading my hand-written articles or posts one word at a time helps me find mistakes and when it’s on the computer, I swear by the spell-checker.

    A common word I have seen people mis-spell is “receive”. I have seen all combinations of spellings for this one. Thanks for the post, Corinne. πŸ™‚

    1. While I’m embarrassed to have spelling mistakes in my work, EM, I’m happy to have someone let me know when they see one, so I can quickly rectify it. I don’t even trust the spell-checker, because I tend not to use American spellings! The word ‘colour’, for example. πŸ™‚
      Yes, receive and lose/loose are commonly misspelled too.

  10. I could not agree more, errors crop up so edit, and edit again and double check. what a good resource.